Christine Negra

Dr. Christine Negra partners with scientists and public and private sector decision makers to address agricultural sustainability and food security in the context of climate change. As an agricultural extension agent, a researcher, a program director, and an international consultant, Christine has collaborated with a diverse set of research, philanthropic, and finance organizations to identify and disseminate best practices to support climate change mitigation and adaptation, food and nutritional security, and agricultural value chain development. Areas of recent focus have included promoting pulse crops as an integrated solution for farming and nutrition and filling data gaps for impact investing in agriculture. With experience in over 30 countries and over 40 publications related to technical, policy, and market dimensions of sustainability, Christine advances inter-disciplinary science through partnerships with major research centers. Her doctoral research on the behavior of trace metals in soil systems was conducted at the University of Vermont and the National Synchrotron Light Source.  She received her MS in Natural Resource Planning from the University of Vermont and her BA in Government Studies from Wesleyan University.