Community Supported Stewardship Agriculture – A Vision, A Farm, and Climate Change


from Anna Jones-Crabtree

During my Donella Meadows Fellowship at Sustainability Leaders Network I visioned a farm. It was all so real sitting upstairs in the common house at Cobb Hill… 14 seasons later, that vision manifested into caring for 12,500 acres in the Northern Great Plains of Montana with a staff of 11 humans, 19 Scottish Highlander cows, 200 head of hosted grazers, and 5 dogs.

Vilicus Farms works to embody advanced land stewardship practices at scale, in partnership with nature, while promoting the standing of professional farmers in society and cultivating a new generation of farmer/stewards on the Northern Great Plains.

We are excited to share our CSSA – Community Supported Stewardship Agriculture Program, a twist on the traditional CSA. Instead of buying a share of a farm’s crop harvest, you purchase a share in our land stewardship work. This enables Vilicus Farms ongoing investment in soil health and biodiversity on a large scale, assuring we can continue to do the work of  stewardship independent of crop income.

Read more about Land Stewardship here, and become a Land Steward with Vilicus Farms.